Brad proposes a toast to Emily and Patrick who gave him the courage to reunite with Ivy. In fact he’s trying to take revenge on Josh by putting a bucket on top of the throne honeymoon stage of. Emily tries to talk with her mother too, but she’s too busy swooning over John Tones. Level 3-3: Peeking in through the window. Level 6-4: Peeking over the top of a beach chair. Belize Belize From the rainforest to the reef, soak in the beauty of Belize with adventure-travel pioneer Mountain Travel Sobek, which just announced its 2017 tours. Level 15-5: Peeking over the top of the BBQ. She even starts designing her own clothes. Level 1-2: On the upper-deck, peeking over the plants at the end of the mosaic wall. People are even lining up to buy her designs right away. Again, Patrick proves he’s very good with children and really enjoys running The Kids Club. Patrick’s little sister Kate loves her outfits and mentions that Jewel Jacobs would love them as well. Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 17 Episode 18: Epilogue (The Beach) Three months later everyone is gathered on the beach with Brad and his girlfriend Ivy. Most of the time it’s about reaching enough golden hearts, but some of them are harder to complete. Then a sad Evelyn drops in looking for Edward who’s been away for days honeymoon stage of. Book one of the two Presidential Suites — the only two-story overwater bungalows in all of French Polynesia. Try to collect as many coins as you can but watch out for the evil giant fish. She’s still very upset and has lost faith in herself. (the Pool Deck) The first episode starts off with a bang as we see Francois working at the Pool Deck (who would have thought.

Interiors are just as luxe, with a cozy king bed and a soaking tub with sublime views. The open mic is a success with lots of different acts. When Emily and Evelyn finally have a talk they realize Patrick is missing. Emily is confused after Patrick tells her not to worry about kids because he’s going to investigate rare flowers. In the end Francois and Josh finally make up. You’re probably missing a few and you’re having trouble figuring out how to get them. The resort will also offer a full-service spa (complete with an outdoor deck overlooking the lagoon), a swim-up pool bar, and even a private motu (islet) for picnics and candlelit dinners à deux. Antonio and Brigid arrive a little bit later and also have great news; they opened a Spa together in Snuggford. Francois is sad because Josh hasn’t been back to the pool since he’s mad at Francois for pulling a prank on him. When Emily talks to Patrick about the flowers she needs for this, Patrick tells her about the job offer. Level 13-4: Top of the very left changing room. Emily tells Patrick they need to look for a bigger house when they return from their honeymoon, but Patrick is distracted by the job offer. Level 2-5: Peeking out over the top of the changing rooms. The children ask after Patrick, which leaves Emily in tears. Level 5-3: Peeking over the top of the oven. The 217 sleek guest rooms now come with teakwood finishes, iPad Airs and room-key wristbands. The surprise fashion show is a great success and finally Angela is smiling again. While they’re relaxing, Francois can’t catch a break and it gets even worse when he has to compete with the young Josh. Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 6 Episode 7: Not Entertained (The Piano Lounge) Patrick has been left on the beach by accident.

Jimmy’s been locked in a drawer by the children and Emily’s trying to set him free, all the while Patrick entertains the kids. Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 18 The secret mini-game Have you discovered the secret mini-game in Delicious – Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise yet. Mouse locations Level 8-2: In the pot for the roses..
. Level 6-5: In the empty basket next to the shell. Patrick spends time helping a young ankle-biter rebuild his sandcastle, which triggers Brad to tell him he’s good with children. Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 1 Episode 2: Coming Apart at the Seams (The Boutique) Angela gets her own boutique on the cruise ship. Level 14-5: In the chamomile flower pot. Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Mouse locations episode 8 Episode 9: Fashion Victims (The Boutique) Emily and Brigid explain to Angela what happened but there’s no reception when they try to call Patrick. Mouse locations Level 17-1: Peeking above the cash register. Francois is decorating the deck for the crowning ceremony for Josh, ‘The King of the Pool’. Costa Rica Costa Rica In November 2016, Nayara Springs — in the heart of the rainforest below Arenal volcano — debuts 19 new villas, each with its own plunge pool, plus a new yoga pavilion, pool and swim-up bar. Level 11-4: At the bottom of the waterslide. Mouse locations Level 12-1: By the luau/pig. Mouse locations Level 3-2: By the faux counter (that has lotions and potions). Angela struggles with her mini-collection and when she’s finally done Jewel Jacobs criticizes her choices. To get her mind off things Emily decides to help out at the Spa as a cleaner. Catalina Island Catalina Island, California In 2016, Catalina Island was the getaway of choice for America Ferrera and her husband, who hiked and hit the beach. Level 6-3: Peeking over the top of the left pillar. .


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